Madrid manufactures curved wood. 

This is not a secondary process of heating and bending or scoring of plywood that leaves wood stressed or compromised. We manufacture curved wood! Using a variety off the shelf and custom molds, Madrid manufactures the simple to radical three dimensional wood elements for wall, ceiling, and acoustical and diffusion elements. Our process is cost effective and our designs absolutely architecturally pleasing! Wood provides beauty and warmth and can be used as an absorptive or reflective element for sound transmission or absorption too. Natural wood provides design versatility, ease of installation, and affordability. Madrid’s Curved Wood Elements offer a choice of rich natural wood veneers and have a handsome feeling of traditional craftsmanship and quality that Madrid has become known for. Madrid can also provide custom millwork to complete and compliment your overall design.

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Method to determine your radius requirements:

Veneer Options:

(Class A fire rated material)

Ash White PS

Birch White PS

Cherry PS

Fir Douglas VG

Maple PS


Oak White PS

Oak White RIFT RCN

Walnut QTR RCN

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