Concrete Veneer Panel

CRETELight Classic

CRETELight Classic is a concrete veneer panel designed to achieve the look and feel of real concrete with the convenience of a veneer. The product is ideal for a variety of attractive and durable architectural, acoustical and interior design applications. CRETELight Classic is incredibly lightweight at just 0.46 lbs. per square foot when compared to an actual concrete wall-up to 90% lighter! 

CRETELight Classic can be pre-applied to a fire-rated MDF panel or a polypropylene honeycomb carrier plate to make installation simple. Add an edge banding and CRETELight Classic instantly appears to be a solid concrete panel.

Cavities, craters, hairline cracks and color fluctuation inherent to concrete should be expected.

Standard Size

49″ x 118.9″ (custom sizes also available)


MDF: A composite material made of HPL-coated MDF for a total material thickness of approximately 19 mm (0.748″). Beveled and square edge banding available. Ideal applications include walls, feature walls and higher traffic areas.  Edge banding is available upon request. Mounted with Z-clip fasteners. 

Pur +: This backing features CRETELight Concrete Veneer Panel on a mineral-based carrier for direct placement and bonding in a 4mm (0.16″) overall thickness. Standard MS Polymer adhesives are used for installation.

CRETELight Absorb

The CRETELight Absorb system offers a microperforated acoustical solution for ambient noise and issues within any space (NRC = 0.90 when mounted with a 2″ airspace behind it and mineral wool).

Standard Size

48″ x 118.9″ (custom sizes also available)

CRETELight Formwork

The CRETELight Formwork system allows you to recreate the look of heavy cast concrete formwork and give your space an industrial style.

Type 1 has shallow holes of about 1.25 mm and Type 2 has more pronounced holes at 12 mm. 

Standard Size 

23.5″ X 47.2″ (custom sizes also available)

Color Samples:




Natural Features

Features typical of concrete such as shrinkage, cavities, color fluctuations and fine fissures help to give CRETELight Concrete Veneer Panels a natural look.

Easy to Process

CRETELight Concrete Veneer Panels are lightweight and easy to process with standard milling and woodworking tools.

Edge Banding

Talk to your Madrid representative to explore our options for edge banding.


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