Simply Beautiful.

Natural wood artfully crafted for innovative design.

Designing wood ceilings, curved wood, wood ceiling tiles and coffers, wood acoustical reflectors, and wood weave.


Madrid creates unique three-dimensional wood elements for walls and ceilings. Attractive and versatile designs complement your décor and can also offer sound reflection or absorption, if desired.

Explore Your Options.

We specialize in curved plywood; linear, grille and open cell wood patterns as well as ceiling tiles and acoustical reflectors. Choose from our standard designs or work with our team of experts to create a custom, one-of-a-kind creation for your next commercial project.

About Madrid

Madrid has been crafting unique curved wood products since 1977. We began as an innovator in the skateboard industry and have manufactured wood elements for the furniture trade for over 30 years. We now create three-dimensional plywood and solid wood architectural design elements for walls and ceilings.

Unique Wood Craftsmanship

Madrid Inc. has made a name for itself as the innovative company that crafts unique wood products. All of our manufacturing takes place in the United States, using sustainably harvested wood.

Our commitment to excellence also extends to our customer service. We want to assure that each of our customers receive exceptional support from design to delivery. Whether you have a small, off-the-shelf job or a custom, one-of-a-kind project, we guarantee superior service. How can we help you?

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